I am Adeline

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Let me talk about who I am and why I started this channel. I want to create a place where members of the LGBTQ can go to talk to each other about issues. You might be asking yourself why I am doing this and what qualifies me to create this blog page. In 2016, I came out as a transgender woman and started living my life as my true self.

During the course of my transition, I have had my ups and downs. I have had friends and family that have either left me, treat me like trash, or support me to the fullest. When it comes to family and relatives, you can’t choose your relatives but you can choose your family. So therefore some people I ended up dropping some people and putting distance between me and others.

The closest people in my life have ended up being my father, a best friend, brother, daughter, and my wonderful girlfriend. I remember telling my father that I was having some problems and that I couldn’t stand it anymore, that I couldn’t hide in the shadows anymore. My father responded to that with tell me what’s wrong, and we will work through it. Once I told him that I was transgender, he told me that everything was ok and that he loved me unconditionally no matter what. When I told my brother he had the same response, and that was pretty cool.

Things may seem bad and like they are just falling apart, but we are never alone. And that is the point and purpose of this blog page is so that nobody in the LGBTQ communiy feel alone in their life. Like I said we may not be able to choose our relatives, but we can choose our family.


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