Saturday Morning

Saturday Mornings in my opinion are the best one could possibly experience. But what really makes a Saturday morning so special, what makes it different from other mornings. Well let me answer that for you.

On most Saturdays everyone in the house is most likely to be home. There isn’t any work scheduled, no school, no rush. What it is is Saturday morning cartoons coming from the living room, the sound of the love of your life waking up, and the smell of you cooking breakfast. At that point you stop to take in everything that is happening around you. The thought of you must be the luckiest woman in the world. Then you get this kiss on the cheek as you are finishing up cooking the eggs with a “good morning baby” as your love walks over to make her coffee. The feeling of a happy home is completely amazing.

So how does this blog relate to this page, being that it is LGBTQ talk? It relates because I am a transgender woman that is almost five years into transition with a girl friend who loves and accepts me for who I am, and with a daughter who does not see gender but only love. I also am going to school to be a psychologist and working for myself as a contractor. Now I did not always have it like this. This is me rebuilding my life from total devastation. When I started transitioning, I was a superintendent for a construction company with a daughter, house, and in a relationship. Shortly after transitioning, I lost all but my daughter. However, I did not allow myself to be defeated, I picked myself up and started over.

This is how my Saturday mornings are, and yours can be too. Whether you are coming out as gay, transgender, bi, pansexual, bigender, gender neutral, etc. You can have whatever you want, as long as you do not let anyone beat you down and tell you that you can’t. You have to get back up and fight for who you are, and what you believe in. Remember you are never alone when you have the community as your family, we are here to support each other.


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