Transgender in College

In February of 2020, I made a decision that would change the course of my life. That decision was to go back to school, but what would I go to school for. There really were not many ideas that came to mind, but one hit me harder than any idea I had ever had. With that I decided to become a psychologist, so that I could help the LGBTQ community. So at thirty-three years old, I started looking up local universities.

Once I narrowed my list down to the surrounding schools, I had to explore who had to offer what, and how far did I want to go. The most obvious was that I had to start with an Associates Degree in Psychology. That narrowed my decision down to the local college, since they had that to offer. This would get me started and get me back in the groove. Then I will move on to a university up north to get my bachelors degree. After that keep going until I have my doctorate.

It had been sixteen years since I stepped foot into a classroom, except for construction jobs. So anxiety was setting in, and it was making my stomach turn. The way I got through the anxiety was to talk to other people, and then just jump into the college atmosphere full throttle. I was so nervous about being transgender and being at school. So many questions went through my mind. The biggest one was “will they notice that i am different?” So far there has not been any of those questions, if anything i have noticed that there is a LGBTQ club.

Basically, I want others that feel like they are stuck and can not do anything else, to know that they have options. Just because we are transgender does not mean that we can not do what we want to do. So if you want to be a lawyer, psychologist, medical doctor, or even a cosmetologist, then go for it. All of those professions are actually ways that we can help each other, and future transgender individuals with their transition. So get out there and make a difference in the world and if yall need me for advice, or just to talk, feel free to reach out. I check this blog page daily.


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