Starting Your Transition and Finding Your Style

Many trans women when starting their transition tend to be without guidance. This could be because their friends and/or mother either abandoned them or simply do not accept their new daughter. What I want to do here is share my experiences in transitioning and how I got from day one to now, which is going on five years.

In the beginning I was scared to death to go anywhere alone, mainly because I figured people would be mean to me. So going to Walmart and looking at makeup was out of the question. After giving it some thought, I came up with a solution that would get me in and out of the store. With everyone leaving me, I turned to YouTube and Pinterest. That is where I got the terminology for what products I needed. Then I started watching makeup tutorial videos such as Jeffree Star, Manny Mua, and Laura Lee. There were others but this gives an example of one extreme to another. Everyday after work I would go home, pull up a video on my phone, and then practice makeup.

The next step would be attire. This was more confusing than the makeup to be honest, but not as obvious. Most people do not ask many questions when you are shopping for clothes. So the best way to go about this, is to look up fashion trends on Pinterest. Pinterest will let you know what to pair with what, what colors work and which ones do not. Once you have looked that over and found something you like, then you are ready to shop. Go to the website of your choice and there you can pick out your clothes. These stores will give you size charts that are pretty close. This way you can get close to the right size.

These are just beginning tips to get started with. As time progresses, so will you. You will find different looks that you like more than your current one, and you will look back at previous pictures and see your progress and smile.


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