Transgender in the Senate: Times are Changing

Most people are talking about the presidential election results, and I am one of them, ber ut history did not stop there. An election took place in Delaware to decide on a new senator, and the results were ground breaking. Sarah Mcbride is set to be the first transgender senator in history, when sworn into office in January. This also makes her the highest transgender official.

Even though I do not live in Delaware, this very relieving. In Georgia we are still battling over who will have the senate here, and it will be close. There is a lot of work to be done in Georgia to get it to the point that Delaware is at, but it can be done. Having a transgender official in the senate means so much to me and transgender all over the country. How can Mcbride affect Georgia if she is not the senator here? Well, she has a voice in the senate, and it will be loud. So anything that comes to the table via republicans, that challenges LGBTQ and Transgender rights, she will be able to speak on our behalf. Mcbride also has a history with the Biden family according to wikipedia. Having assisted with Beau Biden’s campaign in 2010. She is a very strong activist for the community, and I wish her all the best as she takes the fight to D.C.

As Mcbride takes her fight to D.C. We will be continuing ours down here in the conservative state of Georgia. We have a chance for change here because we have people like Stacey Abrams fighting for all people, and we also have many LGBT groups that are also fighting to make changes. As for myself, my contributions are still in the early stages. I am going on five years of transitioning, and I have spoke my mind in 2017, when I wrote to the newspaper.

Now in 2020, I am blogging about LGBT issues, providing support, and going to college to be a psychologist. This way I can contribute to the changes that will make this country the best once again.


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