Making steps towards equality in Macon, Ga

Today Macon, Ga has taken a step in the right direction for equality for all residents. Georgia is and always has been quite conservative. Local politicians debated a ordinance that would protect the residents from discrimination in Macon. This debate ended with a 5-3 win for the ordinance (Wise 2020)

Let me get a little personal with this issue. I have lived in the middle Georgia area for twenty four years, and worked in the Macon area for sixteen years. During this time working in Macon, I have worked in the construction industry. While working in construction, I have met all kinds of people, including the Mayor of Macon, a state representative, and a few commissioners for Planning and Zoning. There have been meetings that I have been a part of and jobs that I was in charge of that made the news. In addition to all of that, I am going to school to earn a degree in psychology. Getting a degree will allow me to help the community on a psychological level. All of these sound like achievements that anyone else could do, not just a transgender woman.

We as the LGBTQ community are not asking for special accomodations, or to bend the rules. We are asking for the same equal rights that everyone else has. We are all created equal, and as long as we keep discriminating against each other, we will always be divided. Last time I checked this is the United States, where all are created equal. Also I would like to remind people that the church and state are supposed to be seperated. There have been to many times in recent years that religion and politics have been mixing, and that is a major problem. If we want to change things, then they have to stay out of each others affairs. Times are changing, and people are changing. There is so much wrong going on in the world, why must we fight each other? Why can’t we just all get along and love each other. This is supposed to be a land of freedom, and as a transgender individual and member of the LGBTQ community, I do not feel free. So I ask the people of this great country to come together and support each other. I also ask for the people to think about something. What if the tables were turned? What if one day you were being discriminated against for something? How would you feel? Well I will give you a hint, you will feel horrible, depressed, and scared to leave the house. So lets make a difference, and make some changes. Become united once again.


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