Chapter 3

After all the crying about what happened, we both got into our comfy clothes and layed down. It had been such a long stressful day, and I was glad to have Jen here with me. However, I still can not get over Jen only sleeping in a t-shirt and panties. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it is super hot. The one thing that I can not help to wonder is if she is trying to get my attention, or if this is just her. As we laid there some more watching t.v., we started talking about girls, boys, and how dating is so different between them. Have you ever kissed a boy? Jen asked. No not really, I kinda have always been into girls. You mean, there hasn’t once ever been a time that you thought some guy was super hot? I’m sorry Jen, but that has never been the case for me. How about you? Have you ever kissed a girl? I asked. This was my way of testing Jen’s sexuality. Well, um, maybe? She replied. What do you mean maybe? Jen it is a yes or no answer. I said laughing a little. Alright I haven’t kissed a girl! She said excitingly. Hmmm, do you want to? You know, see what it is like to kiss a girl, maybe you will like it. Maybe I will try it one day, you never know. She said. Well whenever that day comes you’ll have to tell me all about it. I said with a smile. We continued with our girl talk, and then decided to get ready for bed. As Jen was doing her thing, I got up and went down the hall to the bathroom one last time. When I came back Jen was sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked like she was anxious about something, or at least that is what I was sensing off of her. I went over and sat down beside her. Jen what is it? I asked with concern. Jen? Hello, earth to Jen. At that moment something happened that I was not expecting. Jen turned and kissed me.

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