Battle of Lunar Delta

All crews to stations, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. The alarm sounded all over the ship after we heard the loud bang in the sky. “Attention crew, this is Captain T’rig”. I said trying to hide the uneasiness in my voice. “Most of y’all have met me, and others have not yet had the chance, but hear me now. At approximately eight hundred hours, an enemy vessel entered our space, and blasted two satellites out of our planet’s orbit. They are now heading towards one of our moons, where the residents of Lunar Colony Delta are residing and defenseless. Our mission is to intercept the enemy, and destroy if necessary. All of you have been through your training, and graduated top of your class, so I expect nothing less than proficiency”. “Captain”? “Yes, helmswoman what is it”? “The enemy already has a jump on us, how are we going to intercept”? Helmswoman asked. “We will have to do something that has never been done with a spaceship. Crew, upon exit of this hangar, we will engage a empulse jump that will slingshot us just beyond our orbit, from there we will engage our warp jump. This empulse jump might make you a little sick, so hold on”. I said trying to reassure the crew. “Navigation”! “Yes ma’am captain”? “Prepare to take us out of the hangar, and activate empulse jump on my mark”. I said with authority.”Engage forward drive. Steady, steady, almost there. On my mark…punch it”! I exclaimed with excitement. The ship at that moment defied all gravity, and shot through M’volu’s atmosphere in less than a millisecond. The crew felt as if they were in two places all at once.

“Engine room, engage the warp jump now”! I said pushing them. This is a good crew, but this is also their first mission, as well as this ship’s first mission. She is supposed to be top in the fleet, with all the most up to date technology that M’volu has to offer. “Alright everyone, battlestation ready, once we exit warp we will be in battle. We are the only line of defence for Lunar Colony Delta, we can not let them down”. I said. “Captain we will be exiting in five, four, three, two, one”. Navigation counted down. The crew was very anxious at that moment. Boom! The sound of a laser hitting the starboard shields as the ship exited warp. “How did they know where we were going to drop”. A member of the crew shouted.”Return fire, load torpedoes, and let’s give them hell. We are M’voluians, and we will not back down”. I shouted across the bridge.”Ma’am they are now on an intercept course right for us, what should we do”? Navigation said.”Move towards them and on my mark, hit empulse jump”. I said. “Five hundred meters, four hundred meters”. Navigation kept counting as the ship moved closer.”Engage empulse jump now”! I shouted. As the ship jumped the enemy ship went right underneath us. Once above the enemy ship, the crew then spun the ship around, firing all torpedoes, blasting the enemy ship into a billion pieces. “Captain, I am detecting alien life signs on our ship”! the security officer shouted.”How many are you detecting”? I asked.”Approximately thirty, they must have transferred over before impact”. replied the security officer.”Attention all hands, prepare for hand to hand combat”. I commanded over the ship’s intercom.

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