Letter to the Newspaper

In 2017, one year into my transition, I decided that my voice needed to be heard in my home town. One night I sat down on my phone, pulled up the newspapers website, and began to write. The issues in Georgia were weighing on me greatly, especially after losing a job that I had for thirteen years. It was also at that time that I felt the need to do more on Youtube, even though my voice transition has struggled. My actual voice is one of the reasons that I have decided to use written word to express my opinions. By doing this I am getting better at interacting with others on political and religious platforms. Our voices as LGBt and Transgender individuals need to be heard. Below is the letter I wrote to the local newspaper.


There is an issue here in Macon that seems to be ignored by everyone who lives here. And that is the LGBTQ community. There are plenty of cities that showed their support by having marches, and even Atlanta is going to paint crosswalks to show pride. But I heard of nothing in Macon. Everyone knows there are gay people or lesbians and even transgender people living here. I am transgender and to my knowledge because of the lack of resources in Macon, I feel like I am the only one here. I believe I’m wrong or at least I hope I am.

During my transition I have had very little contact with others and have been, and to some extent, still scared of the people here because I don’t know how they feel. We should have support groups here and and events held where the LGBTQ community can go and feel safe and have others show support and support each other. Businesses are sketchy as well. How do we know that we won’t be discriminated against once we come out? What are we supposed to do when we (transgender people) need to use the restroom? Do you want a woman going in the men’s room or vice versa?

Adeline Hursey,


As I said before, change needs to happen, and it is happening. We are heading into a new era with Biden and Harris leading the way. Change is coming, and it is going to be amazing. Finally there will be a country where all people are created equal.


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